3 Days In Vegas For Less Than $300

How to Spend 3 Days in Vegas for Less Than $300?

Are you planning to go to Las Vegas? Are you worried because your budget is limited? Worry no more, you can now go to Las Vegas and spend 3 days there for less than $300. Las Vegas is better known as the entertainment capital of America. It is a big playground that people from various parts of the globe would love to visit. When you look for a place to stay, the first thing that you will consider is the cost of the whole trip. Those who have gone to Vegas will attest to the fact that everything here comes with a hefty price, so having a budget trip will be challenging. Good thing there are discounts everywhere. All you need to do is to know how to get those discounts to make this trip a more affordable one.

In a typical trip to Vegas, it is possible to avail of a 3 night and 4-day trip below $300/ person. That includes the airfare, but there is no food and entertaining activities like gambling. One good thing about it is that you do not have to give up a lot to be able to save a huge amount of cash. You will be able to stay in a nice hotel on the Strip and that includes the Mirage or the New York- New York. You can also eat decently or indulge in a buffet too, if you are a fan. How can anyone achieve a 4 day, 3 night trip below $300? Is it possible? Yes, it is possible. The most essential thing to consider is to be able to plan for the trip early on. If you are not ready to pay for a huge amount of cash in a hotel room, then you must read on to find out how.

Steps to save money on a trip

1. Book for a round trip airfare including a ground transportation

When you book for an airfare including a ground transportation. It should cost you 200usd only. Vegas is one of the best places to meet up with colleagues and family members, since you can easily find an affordable airfare to and from Vegas. It is possible to get a round trip tickets from Denver through the Spirit Airlines. That will cost you around $180/person. Even if you fly at the right time of the year, the tickets will be around $100. You need to monitor the prices of the tickets weeks or months before you book for them.

You can fly to Vegas on a Monday or Sunday, Wednesday or Tuesday. These are the days of the week where the airfares are cheap. For your return flight, you can book that on a Sunday or on a Monday to get cheaper deals. There is some transportation that will allow you to get around $17 on a bus pass and be able to go over Vegas for the days of your stay. A lot of people do not know that there is a deal like this. The bus system is way better than the car service if you wish to save a lot of money and can have the same convenience.

2. Food at $70 plus

If you want to save money for your food and drinks in Vegas, you need to pay attention to your food budget. If you will be in Vegas for more than 2 days, you may consider buying a coupon book. Even if you will pay for the book, there are lots of food discounts and that includes buy 1 take one option and free day passes for food buffets. A trip to Vegas will not be complete without tasting their foods, it will be a worthy trip if you have enough budget for it. But, there is no need to lose hope, because you can save without compromising the quality of the trip and without restricting your cravings at the same time.

3. Show and entertainment

There are places to visit and activities to try in Vegas for free. It may be a lavish city, but there are places that you can visit that will not require you to pay a dime. Some people cannot believe the fact that there are some who are enjoying their stay in Vegas at a lower cost compared to the others. Well, everyone is entitled to enjoy while they are in this part of the USA. There are free things that you can try. There are resorts and places to visit where you can be entertained without having to spend huge amount of cash.

You can go to the Bellagio and watch for the beautiful fountain view. Why not? It is one of the best spots for a group selfie. Your trip will not be complete without visiting this place. But of course, if you have enough budget and would like to splurge on the entertainment side and food you can do that too. The amount that you have saved for the hotel and the airfare can be used for the food and the entertainment part of the trip. There are shows that you can watch at a price. You can check for the ticket prices online. But be sure to not go beyond your budget or the essence of this trip will not be worthy anymore.

Additional tips

Some travelers spend less on the airfare, hotel and food, including the entertaining activities during their first few days in Vegas. But, during their last days, they use the money that they have saved for and they go to the casino, buy the drinks that they want, watch the shows and eat the food that they have been craving for. You can also do this if you will be leaving Vegas the next day. At least, you know that there is nothing else to spend for but to pay for the cost of the things that you have bought before you go home.