Where to stay in Vegas

Where to stay in Vegas

Best place to stay in Vegas

Las Vegas is unarguably the one place on earth where you will find all kinds of fun. However, before you can leave, you must consider where to stay in Las Vegas. Thankfully, you will find all sorts of accommodation, some affordable and some extravagantly expensive as only Vegas can give.

You don’t just pick the next available accommodation on the travel brochure. If you are smart, you will search widely, or come to us so that we can help you with information as well as connect you to the best places to stay in Las Vegas. If you are going to Las Vegas with partying as your primary goal, you might want to seek accommodation where you can easily access all the party places. For instance, accommodation in the CBD will do fine for you.

Is the accommodation in Vegas expensive? Well, what we can tell you here is that Vegas is not Chicago. Thus, you may need to plan a bigger budget so that you have a good stay in Vegas. However, going to Sin City does not have to scare you stiff. With proper planning and sufficient time, you can get the best hotel to stay in Vegas without breaking the bank. Before you leave for Vegas, you must have a good itinerary and among the features, accommodation must be at the top. Do a thorough research on the reputable hotels there, weigh your options put your budget in good order.

Can you find a hotel that has indoor partying and clubbing facilities? That will be ample for you as you can then have great fun without spending money on taxis and without going too far from your hotel room. The good thing is that in Vegas, you will be spoilt for choice because of the wide variety of hotels and places to stay. You should always weigh your options first before committing your money.

These are some of the best hotels to stay in Vegas:

The Monte Carlo Casino Hotel

If you wish to find the best hotels to stay at in Vegas with your whole family or friends, the size of your entourage is definitely something that you ought to think about. Monte Carlo Casino Hotel is spacious and has ideal accommodation options that can be fit for you and your whole entourage. If you are a household with two children, you could settle for a room for you and your spouse and get the kids a separate room.

This hotel usually has offers and discounts for large groups and the best ensuite rooms. On the other hand, heading down to Vegas with your friends, you are likely to spend less time sleeping and in such a situation, the size of the room is not such a huge deal and you could work on getting one big room here with double beds. Besides, if you are going as a group, you can always work on splitting costs and get comfortable accommodation while at it. This hotel has spacious rooms and that is a plus because congestion is not so good, especially if you suffer from allergies and claustrophobia.

Flamingo Las Vegas Hotel & Casino

It is understandable that you may want to spend in high-end and big hotels in Vegas. However, your financial situation will determine where to stay in Vegas. The Flamingo Las Vegas Hotel is a great place to stay for those working on a slim budget. The prices are reasonable and the service here is great. In addition, you can bargain your way to better deals. Speaking of deals, always check out the Flamingo Las Vegas Hotel deals that are usually on offer most of the weekends. Remember, there is life after your vacation, so save your money anyway that you can.

Caesars Palace

Where to stay in Las Vegas

If you are staying in Vegas the whole weekend, you should look for accommodation that will give you the kind of comfort that you are looking for. Caesars Palace is a great place for those that wish to extend their duration in Vegas. The duration should also help you to structure your finances in relation to the accommodation at the Caesars Palace. If you plan to go to Vegas for an entire festive season, you will need to find places to stay in Las Vegas that will make you forget home. Caesar’s Palace is the ideal place that is more than your home away from home. This hotel has no comparison in the world.

The Palazzo Resort Hotel

This hotel should be on your mind if you are looking for the best places to stay in Vegas that will give you more than enough value for your money. The services offered by this hotel such as room service, especially for the nights or mornings when you do not want to get out of bed are very welcome for a person who is in Vegas for pure relaxation. A sauna, spa and Jacuzzi are also part of the deal.

Splashed with Italian décor on the interior, this Hotel is Vegas’ little Italy. It is located between two other great hotels in Vegas – The Venetian and Wynn. Internet, flat-screen television with cable channels, sunken living rooms and so many other services are available for you. A swimming pool is available and so are very cool restaurants where you can taste sumptuous cuisines as well as go to the casino that is housed in the hotel.

If you bring your car, you will get free parking in the underground parking lot. If you have someone who hates sharing beds, he/she can use the available sofa bed. The adage home away from home fades in comparison to the kind of experience that you will enjoy at this hotel.

The Grandview Hotel

Where to stay in Vegas

It is located on the Vegas Boulevard. Just as its name suggests, this hotel will give you a grand view of the city and the 4-mile long stretch. It is very clean and the services offered here are way beyond what you would get in most other towns and if you have any special requests, they are handled immediately. Make a complaint and whatever your bone of contention are fixed immediately. This is no doubt the best hotel to stay at in Vegas.

This Grandview Hotel maintains high hygienic standards and class. You do not want to take bedbugs back home alongside some funny infections, contracted from cheap and dirty hotels, do you? The Grandview has been around for a long time and they have managed to maintain their grand reputation for a long time as far as hygiene, and maintenance standards go. The staff team here is friendly and disciplined. You will not have to worry about leaving expensive stuff in your room. Always call in advance because the hotel is usually overbooked, especially on the weekends and in the holiday peak seasons. Remember that as far as places to stay in Vegas are concerned, cheap can be expensive.

The Jockey Club Suites

The Jockey Club is located just a few minutes’ walk from the wondrous Bellagio Fountains and on top of that, you will always be surrounded by other amazing attractions that pull people to Vegas every year. When looking for the best hotel to stay in Las Vegas, location is very important. You want to be right at the center of things so that every time you step out of your hotel room, you will be among diverse attractions.

How would you like to enjoy free Wi-Fi, cable television and top classroom facilities? How about having your own coffee maker, and some suites that also have small fridges where you can cool your drinks? Offered at moderate rates, there is every reason why you should you’re your rooms here whether you are traveling alone or with your family.

The Dragonridge Country Club

Best hotel to stay in Vegas

If you are going to Las Vegas for business mixed with relaxation, you will definitely want to look for a hotel that will help you project the kind of image that you would wish to portray to your clients and business associates. The Dragonridge Country Club is a good place for people who need the best place to stay in Vegas.

This club is also great for people that would like to do some golfing, as most visitors say that the club has a great golf course. In addition, if you would like to hold a special occasion there like a wedding, conferencing and so on, you will love what is on offer here. Located along S Stephanie Street, this hotel is located in a serene and quiet environment and it is ideal for business moguls.

While it is not sensible to break the bank in the name of seeking accommodation in Vegas, it is always advisable to go for the best deal in town. If you are smart, you will want to email and call various hotels and see if they have any offers or can offer any discounts, especially if you are going with your family or as a group. Hotels are always willing to give you discounts, but many people miss such because they do not ask for them. Ask for a discount. If they do not offer one, you have nothing to lose. The best place to stay in Vegas should not cost you an arm and a leg.