Free Things to Do in Las Vegas

Free Things to Do In Las Vegas: 3 Wonderful Man-made Features to Visit

Are there free things to do in Las Vegas? In Las Vegas, most of the things you can do in the city will cost you a significant amount of money. This is something that has made most people who have ever dreamt of going to Vegas for vacation to reconsider their position. However, before you give up on having a vacation in this city, you should know there are many things that you can do here, without spending a penny or with little money.

Cheap things are tempting. Hence, you will have to bear the large number of tourists frequenting such places. All the same, you will have much fun at a lesser cost. Below are some of the free things to do in Las Vegas.

Exciting things to do in Las Vegas amazing human creations

We will include these three great places in your itinerary, if you come to us to prepare one for you.

Observing the lovely fish in Aquarium at Silverton Hotel

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Without spending a dime, you will be treated to a show of 4000 fish, swimming aimlessly in the amazing aquarium in Silverton. You can get lost in the world of fish as you observe them in all their glory in the water. The aquarium is so big, such that it holds 117,000 gallons water. The most striking thing about this attraction is that it contains mermaids.

If you watched the Disney collection when you were a child, you understand the appearance of these interesting mythical creatures. However, in the case of Silverton aquarium, there are no real half-fish half-human beings, but beautiful women, adorning bikinis and fins. They dance, flip and twirl. If you are coming with your family or alone, consider this your destination.

Have a great time at the Fountains of Bellagio

The Fountains of Bellagio is the most popular attraction site in Las Vegas. You should not miss this place. After all, you do not need to pay any money to enjoy this site. The fountains form a lake covering 8.5 acres with 1214 jets that shoot streams of water over a distance of 460 feet in the air. You would be excused to think that the fountain is a natural feature. However, it is man-made, designed and created by the world’s finest WET Design, a firm that is responsible for the amazing Mirage Volcano and the Aria water features. At the foot of the fountain, there are free music shows that you can enjoy.

The streams of water forming the fountain seem to dance to the rhythm of the shows and the heckling of the crowd underneath. As you look at the streams from down there, you may think that they will engulf the crowd but no, the designer put this into consideration to ensure that they are well controlled even when there is wind. You will really love the experience in Bellagio Fountains, with the DJ Powerhouse running the music non-stop.

Enjoy a blend of fire and music at Mirage Volcano

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Since its establishment in 1989, this has become one of the most famous attractions in Las Vegas. The good thing about it is that it is among the free things to do in Las Vegas. In 1996, it was improved to include more lighting, water and sound effects. It now sounds and looks better, after it was opened for public again in 2008. The same team that designed the Fountains of Bellagio played a great role in the redesigning of the volcano. It is said that the renovation spent a whopping figure of $25 million.

It simulates a natural volcano, including a lagoon to represent the caldera and the fire shooters to shoot fire on request. The powerful power balls are capable of shooting up to 12 feet in the air. The Mirage Volcano also encompasses a couple of waterfalls with pools, which include smoke and fire. If you are bent on saving some money on your holiday, you need to add this site, to your itinerary. It opens at 5.00 PM and closes at 11.00 PM daily. This is subject to change with seasons.

Your holiday in Las Vegas will not be complete if you do not visit the aforementioned wonders of human knowledge. They are ideal representations of just how much the human brain is capable of fathoming. Whether you are traveling on a budget or you just want something exciting to do in Las Vegas, visit the aforementioned three sites and they will leave a lasting impression on your mind.