Historical places in Las Vegas

Historical places in Las Vegas for a family day out

Are there historical places in Las Vegas. Yes, there are irreplaceable landmarks with fascinating history. Here are some of them that you can explore randomly in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas is a popular major international resort city. It is characterized by awesome nightlife opportunities, gambling, fine dining and shopping that attracts thousands of visitors. Recently, new attractions like Las Vegas historical places have started to emerge. This category of leisure is for people who don’t like partying or being at the casino all night, and it is great for families too.

Unforgettable historical places in Las Vegas experience

Floyd Lamb State Park

Floyd Lamb State Park: Historical Places in Las Vegas

Floyd Lamb State Park with its grass, cottonwood trees and ponds has been popular since prehistoric times. Originally, the park was open and flat but today, most of the area sits on hills formed from mud deposits that have built up over centuries. The desert oasis was used by prehistoric mammals and the fossils of horses, giant sloths, mammoths, bison and camels have been discovered.

Located at Tule Springs, the park is quite unique as compared to the rambunctious Vegas urban lifestyle; it has a lake, mountain ranges, wildlife and lush vegetation. Activities that you can do in the park include picnicking, walking, learning of the prehistoric history, bird watching and fishing.

Springs Preserve

Walking through the exhibit gardens and the gorgeous shades of Springs Preserve is pleasant. The scent of the flowers fills the air with a sweetness that is not experienced by people who spend their entire life in the city. Sitting on 73 hectares, the preserve comprises of appealing desert botanical gardens, indoor theaters, Nevada State Museum galleries, concert and event venues and several walking trails.

With the 24-hour Las Vegas glimmer, it is hard to imagine a desert that once housed ample water and natural springs.

Hoover Dam

Hoover Dam: Historical Places in Las Vegas

Hoover Dam is one of the historical places in Las Vegas that attracts more than 7 million visitors every year. Deemed impossible at first, the completion of the 700-foot tall arch-gravity structure in the Grand Canyon is absolutely one of the most amazing engineering marvels of the 20th century. The main purpose of building this dam was to control flooding in the Colorado River as well as produce hydroelectric energy.

Exploring this historical landmark is open for all. Numerous companies offer convenient tours using buses, helicopters and planes. An attractive by-product of the dam is Lake Mead, a water recreation wonderland. Not only do you get to see one of the man’s greatest achievements but also experience boating, sailing, house boating, fishing and other activities on the lake.

Little Church of the West

Built in 1942, the Little Church of the West was constructed with California redwood and cedar to resemble an old mining town’s church. The church in question has been the site for several celebrity weddings as well a setting for a wedding in the ‘Viva Las Vegas’ movie.

Mob Museum

Mob Museum: Historical Places in Las Vegas

Mob museum is one of the popular historical places in Las Vegas that was built in 1933. Located on Stewart Avenue, the building housed Las Vegas first federal court and a post office. The museum is an attractive place to see, showcasing the antique organized crimes in the city and the world.

Golden Gate Casino: Historical Places in Las Vegas

If you love shrimp cocktails and playing slots, you are going to love Golden Gate casino. Established in 1906 as Hotel Nevada, Golden Gate casino is one of the oldest casinos and hotels in Las Vegas. It was the site of Las Vegas first telephone and shrimp cocktail.

Although the hotel and casino remains at One Fremont Street, a major expansion has been done and today, it is a contemporary and energetic establishment, yet at the same time preserving its historic features.

Tips on How to get to Historical Places in Las Vegas easily

Everyone at some point in their lives wants to run away from worries and tensions of the office. It is always great to pack your stuff and go for a long break. Visiting a place you have always dreamed of gets you back on track and relaxed.

Golden Gate Casino: Historical Places in Las Vegas

However, you need to visit a place where you save money and have great time as well. Discounts can be available on great package deals. Book everything as an entire package deal. Ensure you book your accommodation, flights and historical places in Las Vegas entry fees together.

Alternatively use Las Vegas power pass to enjoy distinctive history and Las Vegas culture. With a power pass, a visitor gets admission to tours, rides and museums in 1,2,3 and 5 day durations.

Look at all the options discussed above and you will find one of the historical places in Las Vegas suitable for you to explore.

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