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Events in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is the biggest city in Nevada State and has been growing in popularity every day, to such an extent that it is now one of the most visited destinations in the world. Commonly referred to as Sin City, Vegas is characterized by 24/7 gambling, alcoholic beverages and lots of adult entertainment. However, many tourism sector promoters call it ‘The Entertainment Capital of the World.’ The city offers a glamorous setting for many attractions like events in Las Vegas, historical places and movie companies that attracts many guests.

No city can beat Las Vegas when it comes to events. No matter what your preference and sensibility are, there is always something for you. There is drama, comedy, concerts with the most talented artists like Celine Dion. Then there are the dancing and acrobatic shows ... anything goes in Vegas!

What are the five top Summer events in Las Vegas?

With summer, you can prepare for warm and sunny weather plus the long days as well as a vast variety of cultural, musical and art events in Las Vegas.Other common things you can look forward to in summer in Vegas include the barbecues, music and high temperatures. The most common events range from family fun to concerts while major venues include luxurious hotels, museums.

You can always get schedules of the popular summer events in Las Vegas through the Internet. Some of the major events are:

International Trombone Festival

The International Trombone festival is an old-fashioned summer event in the city but attracts thousands of tourists every year. The event takes places at the University of Las Vegas for 3 days (from 31st May to 2nd June annually). It brings both trombone performers and fans from all walks of life; professional players conduct workshops for the unskilled players and for students. This consequently warms the audience up, gets them involved and makes them learn more about the musical instrument in question.

CineVegas Film Festival

This eccentric film festival is popularly known as the Little Sundance of the Sin City and is a great blend of all the latest features, underground fare and many years of old obscurities that include locally produced movies. This is exhibited at the 14 Cineplex in Palms Hotel, Brenden in mid-June. It is one of the most attended events in Las Vegas.

The Harvest Festival

Unlike the normal harvest, this one is more exaggerated. Thousands of artisans go to Cashman Center near the north of Las Vegas Boulevard carrying hand blown glass, chutney jars and silver jewelry. The event normally takes place in Mid-August.

Red white and boom

Events Las Vegas

This is America’s Independence Day and there is no better place for Americans to celebrate their patriotism than in Las Vegas. This event is based on fireworks exhibitions; fireworks light up the night in Sin City. One of the holiday activities will be two more firework displays along the Las Vegas Strip. These monstrous happenings are held annually on 4th July at Desert Breeze Park in Spring Mountain road.

World Series Of Poker

Another outrageous yet one of the most renowned summer events in Las Vegas is the World Series of poker tournament. The poker events, which are held sometime between June and July, take place at Rio in the South Valley View Boulevard. Although it is not clear whether the beauty of poker is the mother of this two week tournament, it popularity is enormous and grows every year. For instance, the 2006 main event had more than nine thousand competitors with $12 million as the largest winning amount.

St. Patrick’s Day

You don’t have to be Irish to embrace the Irish heritage in the Las Vegas way. In recognition of St. Patrick’s efforts of convertingPagans to Christians, March 17 became St. Patrick’s Day. Las Vegas eventsare known to be big and St Patrick’s Day is not an exception. This is the city to be as Irish whiskey and green beer fill most of pubs and bars. You don’t have to be a drinker; there are numerous other green stuff on this day like green cocktails, genuine Irish food cooked the Sin City way, green peppercorn and green cotton candy. Don’t miss out on St. Patrick festivities as dwarves of all kinds will be strolling along the Strip.

However, you need to play it safe and be in green to prevent getting fraught by strangers. Below are some things you should be cautious about St Patrick’s Event Las Vegas:

NASCAR- Car race

Roll the dice and experience the rush of adrenaline behind the wheel of a 600HP NASCAR race vehicle wheel. The nightlife on the strip may be major attraction but when the sun is up, the motor speedway becomes the center for one of the most legendary events in Las Vegas. The racing eventsare thrilling and fun; the racing is not about cars but the vibrancy with amazing scenes and sounds of both the fast running cars and the cheering fans. It is extremely lively to watch how fans of different heritage scream and yell for their favorite drivers.

Located approximately fifteen miles from the strip is the 490 hectares that hosts many racing series like NASCAR nationwide series, Craftsman Truck Series and NASCAR sprint cup series. NASCAR (National Association of Stock Car Auto Racing) is a body that analyses and looks at stock vehicle racing in America.

This sport has also created world-class celebrities - the car drivers. Some of the top teams include Roush Fenway, Joe Gibbs racing, Everham motorsports and Richard Childress Racing.

Fairs and food events like Vegas Uncork’d

Also referred to as Vegas Uncorked, Las VegasUncork’d is a culinary event that takes place once a year. The most anticipated annual food event is one of the biggest events where there have been grand tasting of more than sixty restaurants and more than hundred wines. Celebrity chefs display their skills, their cookery and also give their fans an exclusive opportunity not only to taste their art but share moments with them throughout the unique event.

Attending the event in a group is more awesome; you can always share the samples available. Although this may sound funny, you get the chance to taste most of the samples with a star decorated line of great dining.

Nevada Wild Fest - Nevada‘s Music festival and fair

Las Vegas is the center of great tourist attractions and the ideal selection for your family vacation. Nevada Wild Fest; Nevada‘s Music Festival and Fair is a perfect family vacation held from October 25 to October 28 at Rio Hotel. The event features celebrity performances and live entertainment, a weird and carnival maze, food and drinks, wine tasting, beer garden and zumba dancing. Iron dog CBS Sport One Hour TV special is also one of the exhibitions displayed. This is the best championship with the battling of fierce and grueling dogs like Big Air, Extreme Vertical and Speed Retrieve. Carry from family and friends and see the tape live.

las vegas events

Las Vegas weddings

Las Vegas is also known as ‘The world’s wedding capital’ as thousands of weddings are held in the city in every year. As a result, the number and the types of wedding chapel is terrific. The chapels are like major tourist attraction. These events in Las Vegasare based on all kinds of themes; from an imaginative, classy and romantic story to informal wedding where the brides may put on jeans while the groom may be in a trucker’s hat. Below are some Las Vegas chapel wedding packages:

Other Las Vegas eventsinclude exhibitions, Big League Weekend, craft brewing and Silverton’s Annual Asian food festival.

Finally, not all events are very exciting. Someare religious or philosophical. They can be something that creates a fabulous moments or not. It is important to understandthe best Las Vegas events and book early. Everything should be well researched.

Missed an event out? We are committed to provide you with the best list of events in Las Vegas, in casinos and exclusive resorts.