Facts about Las Vegas

Las Vegas Facts That You Probably Didn’t Know

Vegas is no doubt one of the most interesting and attractive cities across the globe. This is also the place to win some and lose some as well. Did you know that every day, there are more than 1000 people who live underground… no, not in dungeons, but in buildings and tunnels. You see, Vegas is not about fun, drinking and escorts only. Many fun facts about Las Vegas Nevada are unknown to many people.

Las Vegas facts

How many facts about Las Vegas do you know? Las Vegas is renowned as the gambling center as well as the topmost entertainment destination in the world. Do you know about the city’s history, population and its socio-cultural elements, and artificial achievements? This article will unveil some interesting facts about Vegas.

Las Vegas Facts - Brief History, Geography and Climate

Las Vegas was not founded in a random place in the Mojave Desert but on a meadow that was watered by nearby springs like Las Vegas Springs and Big springs. The term Las Vegas means meadows in Spanish. Established in 1905 and incorporated as a city in 1911, Vegas was one of the most populous American cities in the 20th century. In 1959, Betty Willis created a ‘Welcome to Las Vegas’ sign, yes, this is one of the interesting facts about Las Vegas Nevada, but she did not copyright it. This sign was to become the major influence for modern signage.

Sin City is situated in a basin on Mojave Desert’s floor. Most of the landscape is rocky, with arid vegetation and wildlife. The area can be vulnerable to flash floods, although a lot have been done to control the effects of the floods in terms of improved drainage networks. According to the United States Census Bureau, the city’s total area is approximately 351.9 square kilometers where land is 351.7 square kilometers and 0.13 square kilometers is water.

Another one of the facts about Las Vegas is the typical hot desert climate. The city enjoys an average of 310 days of abundant sunshine annually. Ice and tornadoes are rare. While summer is experienced from June through September, the winter season is in December.

Four Las Vegas facts that are in fact, myth

A gambling economy

Facts about Las Vegas

Gambling is considered Las Vegas most influential pull factor and I say no! Of all the interesting facts Las Vegas, this one is not true.

This is a myth. Only 40% of the city’s total revenue is derived from the casinos, the rest is drawn from various spectacular attractions both in and out of the Strip. In 2006, Macau in Southern China emerged as the world’s gambling capital followed by Singapore. Today, Macau records gross gaming revenue that is five times the amount generated in Las Vegas during the same time.

Las Vegas is expensive

This is false and not one of the Las Vegas Fun Facts. There is a wide range of cheap and affordable options if you know what and where to look for them. For instance, there are free shows for show fanatics at their hotel lounges as well as in casinos.

Prostitution is illegal

Here is something that I picked from Wikipedia that will baffle you for days on end … illegal prostitution is a misdemeanor in Las Vegas. This is indeed one of the interesting facts about Las Vegas Nevada. You can interpret it any way that you want, but there is legal prostitution. Having said that, when you have enjoyed escort services, do not hand over money directly to your escort. Leave it in an envelope on the table. That way, Uncle Sam won’t be on your case.

Maybe what they mean by illegal prostitution is the kind where the practitioners don’t pay tax. Engaging in prostitution outside licensed brothels as well as advertising in countries where prostitution is illegal is an offence and that is one of the facts of Las Vegas.

Vegas is not for kids- Facts of Vas Vegas

Las Vegas fun facts

Don’t believe that Vegas is not ideal for a family vacation. Some of the popular activities for kids include visiting interactive Las Vegas zoo, magical shows and museums, aquariums and pray to tell me you skeptics, what is so wrong about taking kids to see the Hoover Dam? It could even inspire Little Jimmy to become an engineer.


Marriage has a part in Las Vegas Nevada facts. Getting married in the ‘world’s wedding capital’ is hassle free, so says the interesting Las Vegas facts. Marriage laws are laid back in the State of Nevada, making the state one the easiest place to obtain a wedding certificate. With a Las Vegas wedding, there are services to fit your budget. For instance, a traditional wedding package that includes chapel fee, basic flower, photo arrangements and video of the ceremony will cost $200 only.

There are different types of chapels found in Las Vegas that offer all varieties of wedding ceremonies based on your preferred theme.

10 interesting facts about Las Vegas

1. Drinking in public

This is one of 10 interesting facts about Las Vegas. All movies with Las Vegas setting show a lot of public drinking. While this may be freedom taken in movies, the city has an open container law. It is ok to walk around Las Vegas with an open container holding alcohol, but it should not be a glass container.

2. Janet airlines

Fun facts about Las Vegas

Did you know that Nevada houses one of the USA’s most secretive military sites - Area 51, which is located in Central Nevada? Most of Area 51 staff live in Las Vegas and are flown to the military base from McCarran International Airport from the Janet terminal. The terminal is marked, fenced and is under high surveillance.

3. Gambling is illegal outside Las Vegas

Gambling and slot machines are available almost in every place of the city. Gambling was legalized in Nevada as a way of improving living conditions during the difficult times of the Great Depression. However, the current legal age for gaming is 21 years. It is surprising how gambling is prohibited in the neighboring states like California.

4. MGM fire

Most of the luxurious resorts lining the Strip are a home to thousands of guests. One of the most paramount safety concerns when designing such buildings is coming up with ways of mitigating fires something that lacked in the Vegas’ first generation Casinos.

One of the facts on Las Vegas is the deadly MGM grand fire that occurred in November 21, 1980 claiming 87 lives. This is the worst Nevada catastrophe and the 3rd most fatal hotel fire in contemporary USA history.

5. Howard Hugres

Interesting facts about Las Vegas

Probably Howard Hugres’ biography is the most interesting in the world and one of the true Las Vegas Nevada Facts. Howard was a movie producer, real estate developer and an aeronautic engineer. He was also the man consulted by CIA whenever a Soviet submarine was sunk.

Born in 1905, Hugres owned hotel/casino businesses, 6 casinos on Vegas Strip. One of the Vegas fun facts is that he was determined to get rid of organized crimes in the city. He brought credibility to gambling as a business venture.

6. Black book containing names of well renowned mobsters

7. Atomic tourism is available. It is one of the facts about Las Vegas Nevada

8. Mississippi of the West

9. An acre of land at Las Vegas goes for $ 15,000,000 to $ 20,000,000! I know, this is not one of the fun facts Las Vegas, but it is the truth.

10. One of 10 facts about Las Vegas is the fact that there is no corporate income tax or personal income tax charged in the city

A big state with numerous attractions and tourist spots make, this is a major destination for holidays. This is one of the undoubted facts Las Vegas, unless, of course, you haven’t been there.