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Where Can You Catch The Best Las Vegas Shows? Let’s Find Out Here!

Tell you what … Houston’s hottest night, you know what I mean, “hottest” as in rave, revel and fun, fades in comparison when it is compared with a normal Vegas night! Don’t believe me? Ask someone else. To be more precise, a busy night of reveling in Houston is like a lazy Wednesday afternoon in Vegas. Fun reloaded is the name of the game in Sin City and yes, the shows in Las Vegas are part of the fun.

Situated in Mojave Desert of Nevada State, Las Vegas is a vivacious place to explore. Tourists have a huge range of entertainment things to do like 24/7 hour open casinos, populated stage shows with renowned musicians and entertainers.

There are so many shows in Vegas. Some have been favorites for many people for decades while others are new additions. There is always something for people of all personalities and ages.

Discovering the most Amazing Las Vegas Shows: Jersey Boys Las Vegas Show

Shows in Las Vegas

Jersey boys Las Vegas Show is a musical film that tells Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons story using fame, drama, tragedy and fortune. In brief, this show is about how Jersey boys had humble beginning in New Jersey before rising to prominence and later on landing in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The story symbolizes the American dream and what it stands for. The music is awesome with classic songs incorporated with new songs. The musical is well known not only in Las Vegas but also across the globe.

Besides the top rated cast and great stage production are Jersey Boys’ popular attractions. Both features are well merged pulling you in. Deven May is cast as a bad boy while Erich Bergen is a very convincing character. Travis Cloer (previous Joey role in New York) but he now plays the Frankie role and Jeff Leibow dramatizes Ringo’s role. Stage production is terrific; you will actually feel like you are in a theater watching a movie or in the middle of the story. The sets are so realistic with marvelous effects.

So what are audience reviews on this Las Vegas Show? Most of the audience members give a standing ovation. One man took his skeptical kids to see it and was astounded at how they appreciated and talked of the show for days. Unlike many Vegas shows, this is not a condensed show version as it brings back Four Season's memories besides introducing musical legacy and story to new generations.

Where to purchase Jersey Boys merchandise? You can get great stuff that will remind you of your fabulous and exciting trip. Such stuff may include t-shirts and music CDs from the show.

Classes of Las Vegas Shows Most Amazing Worth Seeing

Las Vegas is the home of world-class entertainment with classy and sophisticated hotels featuring top shows in Las Vegas, great chefs, energetic nightlife, museums and shopping malls. There are dozens of shows in the city. Well, the problem is not whether you get a show, but which shows in Las Vegas suit your preference.

Expect to encounter different classes of best Vegas shows. Sin city offers at least fifty different shows daily at casino venues, nightclubs, theaters and bars. And on weekends, major events featuring famous entertainers are held at big casino spots.

Most of the best Vegas shows are known as resident shows because they are performed in specific theaters. They come in two categories:

Types of Best Las Vegas Shows

Best shows in Vegas


With a comic Las Vegas Show, you will cackle from your belly, whoop with delight and endless mirth. Suppose you attended one of the comedy shows featuring Leslie Mann... how would that make you feel, eh?

Whether it is one night performance by a rising star or headliners, Vegas is center of droll universe. Comedians are always on the Strip. Some funny comedy shows include the famous Mac King Comedy Magic Show. Normally, Las Vegas show tickets will go for as little as $60 to $80. It is recommended that you make reservations, especially for weekend concerts.

However, it is important to note that comedy shows are more often than not family oriented; they are not appropriate for kids.

The showgirls

If you love seeing beautiful women, then Vegas shows will have more than enough for you. Although, these performances have beautiful girls dancing on the stage, the exhibition could be outrageously expensive. The girls wear exotic costumes while some shows are more salacious than others. Consequently, understand what Las Vegas Show to attend.

Are there Family Friendly shows in Las Vegas?

Family friendly shows in Las Vegas

About 20 years ago, most of Las Vegas casinos decided to be more family-oriented. Family fun filled activities and parks were increased as well making shows less vulgar and explicit. However, a few gambling joints offer the old fashioned version of Las Vegas shows with strippers and bawdy humor.

Magic Shows in Las Vegas -The fact that Vegas has emerged as unofficial capital of magic shows should not be a surprise to anyone. Household names like Penn & Teller, Criss Angel as well as David Copperfield thrill audiences with comic tricks and illusions.

According to audience reviews, a good magic Vegas show will give you a blast and it is worth the money you pay to watch. Most magicians will involve the audience creating a rapport between people watching in the show and the magician. Small children can also be part of the audience since the shows are engaging and fun.

Adult only Las Vegas Shows

If you love more vibrant and exciting entertainment scenes, there are Vegas shows offering such. You can find charming topless girls plus coarse comedy at the casinos. There are also shown with well-developed handsome male dancers meant who leave female visitors with small pang of nostalgia. These shows have stood the test of time and they continue to be relevant to the fans.

Well, it is hard to highlight all the entertainers, events and best shows in Vegas; the list would be endless. Some of the other best shows include production shows, Tributes shows, acrobats, old school Vegas and Las Vegas Shows Featuring Singers like Celine Dion and Dancers.

How to take Advantage of Las Vegas Freebies: Free Las Vegas Shows

Free Las Vegas shows

Being on a tight budget should never be an excuse because there are many free Las Vegas shows. Take advantage of as many available options as possible; this will help make your trip memorable. There are many discounts for you to take advantage of. But if you still feel that you don’t have to spend a penny; there are alternative shows you can watch free.

One of the best places to see free Vegas shows are the lounge of the hotel you are booked. Lounge shows vary with hotels, but mostly they are musical. The headliners of the shows may not be famous as ones in the shows where you need Las Vegas show tickets, but you may be surprised to find unique talents.

Free shows are also available in casinos. Some casinos allow people in the audience to participate in the fun, and yet, other establishments offer free show for kids.

How to Get Cheap Las Vegas Shows Tickets

Las Vegas shows tickets

The last thing you would want during any trip is to get stuck with no ticket or may be have a ticket, but for a boring show. The secret of getting Las Vegas show tickets is planning early. You are more likely to find great deals if you purchase the tickets online. Be very smart and create a detailed list of the shows that you have interest in before you visit the city. Popular show tickets can be ordered as early as ninety days in advance. It is also possible to get a same day ticket at Box Office at premium rates.

Another great way is get half-priced tickets at your hotel. Find out whether the hotel you will be staying in has either shows or offer tickets to other venues. Normally, associated hotels will offer tickets to the best shows in Vegas at their related hotels, at very affordable rates. However, a major disadvantage of this option is that you will be limited to shows available in the hotel where you are booked.

The best costs most, so don’t expect to get great discounts for the crème de la crème, for the best Las Vegas shows.

Enjoy your shows Las Vegas experience! You will want to come back for more.