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Taking Kids With You? Target The Museums in Las Vegas for Fun

Whenever Las Vegas is mentioned, many people think of the four-mile Strip with its wealth of clubs and casinos that offer 24/7 gambling. While it is factual that many will go the Sin City to enjoy the gambling as well as escort experiences, there are more options to appreciate even for people with mild tastes, for example, the museums in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas is the ultimate holiday destination for people with different manner of tastes. This is the only place of charming beauty with hot and warm weather throughout the year, grasslands, mountains, desert and many man-made features that is visited by tourists to experience the extreme fun. The flicker of Sin City never fades away even during the night, that is, the nightlife is as good, if not even better than the day life.

In addition, this is a place with a rich contemporary history. So the best way to learn to about the history is visiting the many Las Vegas museums that describe everything from religious roots, geological history and signage legacy.

Las Vegas is characterized with worthwhile and educational attraction sites that gives a visitor a complete different perspective of the city. The following is a list of popular Las Vegas museums.

National Atomic Testing Museum

National Atomic Testing Museum

Imagine reading your history books and having a chance to experience the events first hand. That is the feeling you experience once you visit the National Atomic Testing Museum. The ten thousand square foot museum unveils the fantastic history of nuclear testing at Nevada Test Site (NTS) located in the desert north of the city. This is fun and educational for both adults and children. There is a lot to see.

Chartered in 1991, the museum offers an interactive experience. You will be presented with artifacts like short films, footages, displays and real gadgets from the testing site. If you loved Tom Clancy and Robert Ludlum’s cold war stories, well, you can bring some of them alive here.

The museum is housed in Frank H. Rogers Science and Technology Building, a mile away from the Las Vegas Strip.

Neon Museum

Neon Museum

The Neon museum is one of the museums in Las Vegas that would fit in a city like Las Vegas. Located at Fremont Street, the museum has a large collection of Las Vegas old signs and brings back signage from the past decades. Each sign has an illustration of its creator and its importance. Established in 1996 as a non-profit organization, the collection comprises of 3 major components: the Boneyard, Neon Signs Project and Fremont Street Gallery.

Old Las Vegas Mormon Fort?

Mormon missionaries were the first non-native permanent settlers in the Las Vegas who successfully farmed and built a fort. The fort was a starting post for converting the rest of the population to Christianity. Today, the remains of the original fort has been turned into one of the museums in Las Vegas with explanatory footage. The museum, which is located in the downtown Las Vegas, is open for visitors all year round.

Top Museums in Las Vegas for children to visit

There is no replacement for a blissful childhood. A child’s growth and development should be incorporated with noteworthy events. This is an important stage when a child starts seeing different aspects of the world and tends to ask numerous questions. Children’s museums in Las Vegas may give a perfect answer in a fun and encouraging way.

Lied Discovery Children’s museum is one of the Las Vegas museums that offer inspiring ways of educating the kids. The museum features hundreds of interactive science, humanity exhibitions and art. The 22,000-square foot facility was established in 1990.

The first floor displays are geared for kids 5 years old and younger. Both parents and the children are allowed to create computer art, play dress up and whisper. Desert discovery is also found on the same floor. It has

The second floor houses a science, technology and communication display. It is targeted at older children. Children here can play basketball or even imitate the role of a radio DJ.

X-rated Museums in Las Vegas: The Erotic Heritage Museum

The Erotic Heritage Museum in Las Vegas

Who does not love sex? There is a museum devoted to it. Erotin Heritage Museum’s main purpose is to offer educational and literally, functions relating to emotional, sexual, physical and mental well-being including the 20th century’s American Sexual Revolution.

How to get Las Vegas Museums discounts

Many want to enjoy the experience that comes with museums in Las Vegas, but cannot because of budget constraints. However, there are many ways to cut down the cost.

The Internet is one of the best places to get discounts. Las Vegas museums will offer discounts occasionally. Therefore, ensure you register and check their sites regularly.

Book online, that is, if booking is required. However, there are many limitations like limited time and no refund system. It helps the museum visitors to save more.

Museums in Las Vegas, like museums elsewhere in the world charge very little in entrance fee, and that is to help them maintain the collection.