Things to Do in Las Vegas

Why You Will Never Exhaust The Things to Do in Vegas With One Visit

things to do in las vegas

It is the official home and you will have a thousand and one things to do around Las Vegas. Don’t believe us? Look for the movie “Last Vegas” where a group of old geezers decides to have the fun of their lives by attending an old friends wedding. Some of them popping up from their deathbeds to go to Las Vegas makes this movie indeed hilarious. You too will enjoy yourself tremendously in Vegas. While the first thing that come to your mind is where and how much it is going to cost you, the where part is not exactly an issue as there are many things to do in Las Vegas Nevada. However, you should give the money part a deep thought.

Money talks in Sin City but you also need to watch your spending because there will be life after Vegas. The temptations are many and if you have no financial discipline, you might spend one dime too many. True, there are many things to do in Las Vegas, but all of them require money. The good thing is that no matter how little money you have, you can be sure that you will not experience single dull moment while in Vegas.

The Vegas brew tastes heavenly

So, you are in Las Vegas, what to do? Well, grabbing a beer, a locally brewed one is a good place to start. When you think of the things to do in Vegas, the local brew should come to mind. You do not know the taste of Vegas until you taste their local brew.

Alcohol seems to run from a rich fountain here. Get your finances in order and drink the night away as you make new friends. If you enjoy dancing to live band music, you will be with so many pubs and clubs that host live events to choose from. The nightlife here is always rife and do not be surprised to see folks crossing the streets in the middle of the nightclub hopping. Join in the fun and drink and dance the night away. You will notice that most pubs here have a wide range of not only exotic liquor but also local brew.

Do not forget to sample the beer right from the taste room. Some local pubs in Vegas give their customers an opportunity to enjoy their own suds alongside the local service without the mediocre table service. Some pubs serve combinations of beer and pizza at a comprehensive price.

If you do not like the local brew here, you can always ask for exotic liquor such as the Irish beer and whiskey. Enjoy hundreds of premier ales, stouts, lagers and tapped lagers, oak barrel-aged alcohol and rare pilsners. You will be spoilt for choice as you dance the night away.

Gamble the night away

things to do in vegas

If your wife has been nagging you about your gambling habits and threatening to call intervention for you, you can opt to seek refuge in Vegas for the weekend. Her intervention team will not catch you here. The beauty about Vegas is that it boasts a wide range of casinos where you can gamble the night away and lose or win as much money as you can afford.

Note that the residents here take gambling seriously and some actually look at it as their main source of livelihood. Don’t just gamble for the money alone, but be in for the fun too. That alone should give you a reason to go on. Vegas can lure you to keep gambling and it is important to keep an eye on your bankroll. You can always find other things to do apart from gambling. As a piece of advice, please don’t chase your bets.

Pay an escort

One of the main reasons why Vegas is so popular is that you will find all types of escorts here. Whether you like them blonde, red-haired, petite, thick, local or exotic, all you have to do is comb through the various escort sites or agencies and ‘place your order.’ While at it, ensure that you understand the terms and conditions.

Some agencies will require you to pay a comprehensive fee upfront while others will let you tip the escort on a mutual understanding. The best part is that most of these escorts are learned, classy and sophisticated. However, the weight of your pocket will determine the kind of escort that you get. For instance, you cannot be low on cash and expect to get a high-end escort. Money talks here and it determines the things to do in Vegas.

Taste the Local Cuisine

las vegas things to do

There are hundreds of great places to eat in Vegas. Some are high-end, mid priced and some are cheap. The high-end eateries are located in the CBD while the cheap ones can be found in the outskirts and down town parts of Vegas.

The restaurants here boast a wide range of both local and exotic cuisines. Whether you enjoy your meats or are a vegetarian, you will find all your needs well taken care of. You can bring your whole family to sample the cuisine here. If you come with your family or friends here, you could pay for a buffet treat, which is more economical and gives you a wide range to sample from.

Shop ‘til you Drop

When you think of things to do in Vegas, think shopping. If you love to shop, Vegas is indeed the place to be. The various malls here will give you a wide array of things to choose from ranging from jewelry, sprays, the latest fashion and so much more.

Here is a list of malls that you will find in Vegas:

Via Bellagio

things to do las vegas

This shopping mall is for the elite and those that love the finer things in life. Comb through the designer boutiques and get the best collections that your credit cards can afford you. Think Gucci, Prada, Chanel, Armani and so much more.

The Fashion Show Mall

This mall runs all week and was recently expanded and remodeled. It has various stores that boast a wide collection of unrivaled fashion making it a perfect haven for fashion lovers.

Caesars Palace

thing to do in las vegas

Comb through a wide range of forum stores that boast anything and everything ranging from drugstores, books stores, eateries, bars, boutiques and so much more. Enjoy hundreds of stores that specialize in different items.

Le Boulevard at Paris, Las Vegas

If you like to shop for souvenirs, artifacts, vintage pieces and other memorabilia, you will be spoilt for choice at this mall. Comb through the various gallery stores that boast elegant and historical artworks most of which are French inspired. Actually, most of the stores here are French and have French names. Enjoy the foods, bars and the bakeries where you will find fresh bread.

Crystals Mall

things to do around las vegas

Located right in the middle of the city center, this mall provides the perfect ambience for not only shopping but also unwinding and making new friends in a relaxed ambience. There are plenty of entertainment spots such as the wide range of bars, restaurants in addition to cotour fashion stores.

Go for a Strip Tease

The main thing to do in Las Vegas is to go for a strip tease. Given that there are many strip clubs in Vegas, you can be sure that you will be so spoilt for choice. The strippers here are talented and enthusiastic about their job. They are very forward and the term prude does not exist in their dictionary. If have enough money, you could get a dose of a strip tease in a VIP room from your favorite stripper. If there is some chemistry, she could agree to give you company throughout the night but at an extra fee.

When you are creating your Las Vegas things to-do list, you might want to create a dedicated budget for going to a strip club because the Vegas trip is not complete without having a dose of some strip tease. It gets better if you are in a group where you can book a private room and enjoy the bare-all strip tease show. At an extra fee, you could enjoy more than just a strip tease and perhaps have an orgy, that is, if you and your friends are open-minded about it.


Life is too short to hop around Vegas on foot and in that case, being chauffeured around in a limo has to feature top in any list of things to do in Vegas. There are plenty of limos for hire in Vegas and this can give an extra mileage, especially if you are out to impress. There is no better way to trot around Sin City than using a Limo.

The experience is amazing and you will carry a lot of memories home. Come to think of it, how would anyone want to ride in anything different when they go to Vegas? Not you, and certainly not with so many limo services. If you come to us for your Las Vegas travel package, we will make sure it includes a limo ride around the city.

There is no end to the things to do in Vegas. It doesn’t matter how much money you have or how little because there will be something for you to try out. What you need is a good itinerary so that you can save money and time.