Top 20 Weird Questions Asked By Travelers

Top 20 Weird Questions Asked By Travelers

Top 20 Weird Questions

Travelers, especially newbies, are often anxious when visiting a foreign country for the first time. Because they want to have a rough picture of what they should expect, they sometimes ask very weird questions before jetting abroad. The questions mostly revolve around the people, food and customs. Some of their questions can leave your lips patted; the most wired ones of all time. Top travel agencies have revealed top most wired questions from tourists.

Can you please book the honeymoon suite for us and another couple?

From the look of things, these people have no slightest idea of what honeymoon is. We all know that honeymoon is the holiday spent together by the newly married couple.

Is milk available all year round?

One customer was asking such a question with an obvious answer.

Do they speak English in Britain?

How can someone ask whether the English language is spoken in its own motherland? English is the language of Britons and you should expect that they use it more often and perfectly than in any other part of the world. Be ready for the queen’s English.

How can I get to Europe without going by air or sea?

The right answer to this would be … by a miracle. However, considering that most American’s think that Africa is a country, they would be forgiven for thinking that Europe is in Canada.

If I get married here, will the marriage be legal in the US?

Of course, even if you wed on the moon, your marriage will still be legal in the USA.

Can I fish off the cruise ship?

What does that mean? Off the ship would mean you are on water, which is not possible. Furthermore, this tourist sounds like he or she does not know what the sea is and thinks that one can even walk or stand on water.

Can you set the whales to jump up at the same time I am proposing to my girlfriend?

Whales live naturally in large water bodies like oceans and seas. One cannot use a remote control or a computer to control their behavior. But then, for a person who has been holed up in the office their entire life without a chance to watch the National Geographic channels, it is understandable.

Weird Travelers

Which bus transports people between the islands?

Between the islands will be water, but then, there could be a connecting bridge … you never know. Verdict … not so awkward.

I don’t want to occupy the window seat on the plane because I have just had my hair done.

When such kind of weird favour request comes from a traveler, everybody turns around. It only means one thing; He or she has never been in a plane. This is not a passenger bus or a shuttle.

Will you watch my pet while I am away?

How can a travel agent watch your pet and you neither stay together nor have employed him or her?

I have a friend in Hawaii called James. Do you know him?

Well, everyone has a friend somewhere, but we do not all know them. You see, the world is big, very big.

Would I be able to visit Scotland and Denmark on the same trip?

Some are so quick to show that they have never been in any Geography class when they even get annoyed after learning that they will not visit Denmark and Scotland on the same trip. According to them, these two countries are only an inch apart and the distance between them must be insignificant.

Oh my God! will I meet Elvis?

No, but you will meet many of his look alike and wannabes in Vegas. Not too bad, is it? But even in Neverland, you will not meet Elvis, he is long gone.

Are there toll roads on the way to Hawaii?

I bet the tourist asking this question do not know that a toll road is the one you pay to use.

A question about whether the crew sleeps on board

This person either is ignorant of the work of the crew or assumes another meaning of board. But maybe they jump into the ocean and spend their nights in the water.

20 Weird Questions Asked By Travelers

Do not tell my fiancé I spent honeymoon here.

This man thinks that someone can sit his fiancé down and reveal about the honeymoon venue he occupied with his first wife. That is crazy.

May I know whether there are supermarkets in USA?

Supermarkets are in all cities, every city has from a few to several.

At what time do they switch off the mist?

Mist is a weather condition that happens naturally. No one controls it.

Will I have a permission to wear high heels?

Wearing high heels is a culture in European countries. Maybe you can ask this when you are going to Qatar or Saudi Arabia.

Are there women in the Aisle of men?

This is a blonde question, but it could happen. And of course, there are women because this is just the name of the place.