Free Shows In Las Vegas

Top Free Shows in Vegas

Apart from being the Sin Capital of the world because of the casinos and some adult fun that can be found in Vegas, there are lots of interesting places and activities waiting for you there. There are lots of places where you can splurge and spend a lot of your money while you are in Vegas. But, you must be mindful that there are also free spots and activities that you can do there. Only few people know that there are lots of places where you will not spend a penny. The memories you will build in Vegas will be priceless and what is good about it is that there is no need to spend a lot for a vacation that is well spent.

Things to do in Vegas for free

1. Visit the Fall of Atlantis at the Caesars Palace Forum Shops

This place is just famous for those who have a limited budget or is just looking for a place to go to without spending a dime. There is a statue collection show regularly. They also have a special lighting and sound effects. The Fall of Atlantis is one of the best in this place for kids and kids at heart. You just need to get there early, so you will be able to find a good seat for the perfect spot of the fountain.

2. Watch the Flamingo at the Wildlife Habitat

Who would ever think that there is a greenery at the center of the busy city of Las Vegas? This is quite surprising for those who have visited Las Vegas for the first time. Who would ever think that in a busy city as Las Vegas there lies a secluded place full of greens. It is a home to flamingos, but there are also swans, turtles, Koi and pelicans there too. This place is perfect for those with kids. They will surely love this place too.

3. The Park

This is a 3-acre place that is in between NY-NY and Monte Carlo. This is also nearby the T-Mobile Arena. There are lots of restaurants around the place, but this is also a great option for those who do not want to be in the Strips and tired of the views there. The landscape was specially made from dry plants that are from the Mojave Desert. There are lots of spots where you can also take a seat.

4. Get to experience the Fremont Street

The Fremont Street Experience is known for its light show. The vision which is one of the most beautiful visual spectacles seems to be the highlight of the place. There are also street performers, artists that are called buskers and the impersonators that are all seen in the street of Fremont. As you walk along the canopy of the street, that will make you feel like you are in an adult carnival. As a pedestrian, you are entitled to visit one casino to another and check out some of the shops too. There are places where you can shop for the best souvenirs in the place.

5. The Calico Basin

Have you heard about the area that’s near the Red Rock National Conservatory? It is known for its scenic spot; however, it is a lesser known spot of the Calico Basin. There are picnic spots there along with hiking trails that may ask for an entry fee. But going around the area is free of charge. It is situated off the State Route 159 and it is just on the western part of the city ends. This is a home to a little community where the nature lovers would want to be. There are springs that are rare in the area and they are equipped with big sandstone formations.

6. Mirage Volcano

This volcano fights for life and threw flames 2-3 time a day. Thus, that makes it a great attraction to those who have been visiting the place. Going there will give you a glimpse of the perfect attraction of the place when it showed off on the Strip. It is a worthy spectacular for those who have been here for the first time.

7. The Welcome Signage

Those who will come to Las Vegas should stop over at the Welcome sign. You should know that without the landmark that was designed in 1959, your trip will not be as worthwhile as you expect it to be like.

8. The Aquarium at the Silvertoni

This is situated in the beautiful Silverton Hotel. It is filed by more than a hundred thousand gallons of saltwater aquarium that gives absolute entertainment that everyone can enjoy while being in Vegas.

9. Circus Factory

Who can resist a circus show? Everyone looks forward to this kind of amazing show. It is composed of jugglers, trapeze and acrobatics.

10. Hershey’s Chocolate World

Make the child in you very much satisfied with the sweet cravings. This is a 2 storey building that contains a distinct chocolate attraction to kids and kids at heart. The bakeshop counter comes with various souvenir items. It also highlights the 800lbs chocolate replica of the Statue of Liberty.

Who says going to Vegas is very expensive? There are lots of places that offer free attraction. These are some of the places that you may expect in your Las Vegas Trip. These are the spots where you can have fun with your family without breaking the bank. By searching for free spots, you will be able to save a lot and just spend your money on other things like food, casino and shopping. There are best tasting restaurants in Vegas and you will not be able to resist the foods they will offer. Saving up your cash on food is not a god idea. You will have a hard time doing so. It will be helpful if you have a to do list, so you’ll know where to go first and the amount of money that you can save for that place.