Las Vegas Girl’s Weekend

Las Vegas Girl’s Weekend. What to Do in Vegas with Your Bestie?

Nevada State is one of the over populated cities in the U.S. Las Vegas is becoming famous for being a Sin City and for being an entertainment capital of the globe. The top-notch hotels along with the resorts with bars and clubs make it a very profitable destination for foreigners. Vegas is not just known for being a bachelor party destination in the U.S., but it is also one of the best places for besties to bond together. It is also one of the primary spots for a perfect all girl’s getaway. It is about time to book for a flight and grab your bestie for a weekend trip in Vegas.

Ideas for a perfect getaway with the bestie

1. Book for restaurant reservations ahead of time, but never a buffet

Las Vegas is not just known for being a top spot for vacationers and gamblers, but it is also a famous city for those who are looking for great tasting meals. There are well known chefs there that will set up the shop with the Strip. These celebrity restaurants are very in demand, so you need to book for your meals ahead of time or you will end up not having enough space and dine in a fast-food instead. There is no need to book for a costly buffet, there is no need to overeat, because there are lots of foods that you can munch during your stay. There will be no enough room for that if you book for a buffet.

2. Set your gambling limits and stick to it

If you plan to gamble with your bestie, there should be a gambling limit. This is to be sure that you will not spend more than your budget. Regardless if you intend to use your credit card or you will be using cash, you need to stick to your limit.

3. Buy tickets for a show

Vegas is also known for its amazing shows. Why don’t you grab some tickets to have a live entertainment at night time? There are different magical shows, comedy shows and adult shows that you can try. You will surely love the hypnosis show, where you and your besties can volunteer.

4. Visit a pub

If you are a fan of night clubs, why don’t you come and visit one? You will be very lucky to hit the dance floor without worrying that someone will see you while you are drunk with the besties. If you can remember, there is a famous saying that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Your secrets with the besties will be safe there.

5. Rejuvenate yourself in a day spa

A getaway with the besties will not be complete without going to a spa. There are top ranking spas in Vegas where you can find men and women indulging and pampering themselves. This spa gives the ultimate pampering you will need. It comes with lavish and beautiful rooms, waterfall, lounge and even healthy snacks and hot tubs too. You just must book for a date and time along with the services that you prefer to avail. Booking ahead of time will lessen the waiting time too. That means you can do some other things as well.

6. Shed off some calories

Just because you are on vacation and you are in Vegas does mean that you have the passport to not be fit. This is about killing the fun, but it is about keeping up with yourself. You will surely gain a lot of weight on this trip with all the food that you will munch and the drinks that are high in calories. Most of the hotels in Vegas have facilities like gyms, spas, swimming pool and others. You can hit the gym, swim during your free time and shed off some fats. They also have a fitness instructor that can help you out.

7. Photo sessions

A groufie with the besties must not be neglected. There is nothing that will beat a groufie in front of the world-renowned dancing fountains. It can be found at the Bellagio. There is an evening cocktail on the street side if you will walk through it. The night is very much alive in this part of Nevada.

8. Shopping

Every tourist in any part of the world never neglects this part of the trip. Who can resist to shop in Vegas? It is also known for having the best shops that are overlooking the Strip. You can also go to the Rome Themed Forum Shops. This is a place where you can have a taste of a homemade gelato. You can take pictures too at the fountain of the Gods. You can check the Gucci shop which is just a few steps away.

9. Heart pounding activity

There are never ending activities that you can try in Vegas. One of which is to keep your blood pumping and make your heart and soul out during the activity. This is the Big Shot. This is the free fall ride on top of the Stratosphere. It is more than nine hundred feet above the ground. You must come and see this place to be able to make your once in a lifetime trip to Vegas with the besties worthwhile.

10. Cocktails with the besties

It is about time to go out and enjoy a night of cocktail with your besties. The Bellagio Hyde is one of the famous spots for a perfect cocktail with friends. You will be amazed with the number of alcoholic beverages that you have craved for all your life. All of it is in this place. Lily is another choice, particularly if you want to go there late at night. It is embellished with beautiful chandeliers. It is filled with lots of Swarovski crystals in a dropped down design.

The Next time you wish to have an enjoyable bonding experience with your besties, a Vegas trip will be a perfect option to conside.